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How to Register a Business Name in the UK?


Registering your business’ name in the UK is not a very easy process. There are certain rules and regulations that you have to follow when it comes to registering a name for your Limited or Limited Liability Partnership company in the UK.

This blog gives you the details of registering your business name in the UK.

What’s in a Name?

Your company name reflects your business. When people hear your company name, they understand in one instant what you do and what you offer. So, a name is a really important and unique identifier for your business. That’s why we recommend you take some time and choose a good name for the new venture you are proposing to set up in the UK.

Points to Keep in Mind about Registering a Business Name

  • Choose a Unique Name

Needless to say, your venture should have a unique name. To ensure that the name you propose has not already been taken, Companies House provides a tool where you can check the proposed name and check if it is unique.

business registration UK

  • Avoid Offensive Language

Try to avoid crossing the “adult humour” line when it comes to choosing a company name. Also, completely avoid offensive language, racial slurs, and swear words. These can create a negative impact.

  • Be Careful with Sensitive Words

Companies House maintains a list of sensitive words that you will need special permission to use, like the word “insurance” or anything pertaining to House Windsor and the Royal Family. Also, there are special regulated words for which you will need permission from some associated bodies.

  • Don’t Choose Names that Are too Similar to Existing Companies

As we said before, business registration UK requires you to pick a unique name. So, if your company name is too close to a business that already exists, your choice may be rejected.


At Formationshunt, we offer plenty of services with regard to business registration in the UK. You can approach us to simplify the process of registering your company in the UK. We also help with the process of a company name change.

So, reach out to Formationshunt about registering your company in the UK!

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