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Navigating the New Fee Structure at Companies House: What You Need to Know


As businesses continually adapt to the dynamic regulatory environments, recent developments from Companies House regarding fee adjustments have emerged as a crucial topic. Effective from May 1, 2024, these adjustments aim to streamline processes and align with the latest regulatory frameworks, but they also bring significant changes in costs for both new and existing UK companies.

Understanding the Fee Changes

Companies House has undertaken a major revision of its fee structure, impacting a range of services from company formation to the submission of essential documents. Notably, the cost for electronic company formation is set to increase significantly, from £12 to £50. Similarly, the fee for filing confirmation statements (CS01) will see a rise from £13 to £34.

These adjustments extend beyond the routine filings. Services such as company name changes and administrative restoration are also affected, with notable increases. For example, the new fee for administrative restoration will jump to £468, a steep rise that underscores the new financial landscape businesses will need to navigate.

Implications for Your Business

The adjustments in fees suggest a move towards encouraging digital submissions, as paper-based transactions incur substantially higher costs. This is particularly evident in the sharp increase in fees for services that require manual processing. Businesses that frequently engage in these less common transactions need to be aware of the significant financial implications.

How FormationsHunt Can Help

At FormationsHunt, we are dedicated to supporting our clients through these transitions. Our platform’s integration with Companies House simplifies the filing process, ensuring that your business remains compliant with the new fee structure and regulatory requirements.

We understand the importance of proactive planning and transparent communication. In response to the fee increases, we recommend our clients review their budgeting strategies and prepare for the financial adjustments. Our team is here to provide guidance and support, helping you understand how these changes affect your business and advising on the best steps forward.

Looking Ahead

While the updated fee structure presents challenges, it also offers an opportunity for businesses to reassess their operational strategies and ensure compliance. Streamlining administrative processes can lead to greater efficiency and potentially offset some of the financial burdens introduced by the new fees.

FormationsHunt remains committed to empowering your business amidst these changes. We encourage you to reach out with any questions or for further assistance as you navigate this new regulatory landscape. Our goal is to ensure that your business not only adapts but thrives under these new conditions.
For more information, please contact our support team or visit our website. Let’s work together to tackle these changes and continue paving the path to success for your business.


Our Latest Fees Structure:

Limited by Share Company incorporation and registration fees

Service Name 

New Fees

Digital Package 


Privacy Package 


Professional Package 


All inclusive Package 



Other type of Company incorporation and registration fees

Service Name 

New Fees

Non Residents Package

Company Registration


LLP Package

Company Registration


Guarantee Package

Company Registration


Eseller Package

Company Registration


PLC Package Package

Company Registration



Other Service Fees

Service Name 

New Fees

Same day incorporation


Apostilled Documents Service 


Confirmation Statement Service


Company Dissolution 


Certification of Good Standing 


Company Name Change 


Dormant Company Accounts 


Director’s Appointment Or Resignation 


Company Secretary Service


Issue of Share Services


Transfer of Share Services


Registered Office Address


Directors Service Address 


Business Mail Forwarding Address


Business Email 


VAT Registration 


PAYE Registration 


Business Telephone Service 


Data Protection Registration 


GDPR Compliance Package 


Business Logo Design 

Contact Sales

Business Web Design/Marketing 

Contact Sales


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