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Business Email

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Undoubtedly, Email plays an important role in our regular life. For that, we have a tendency of using Google or Yahoo as the key email service providers on a daily basis. However, once it involves businesses, the necessity is completely different and big.

Benefits of using business email:

  • It’s easy to remember
  • Your business will benefit from a custom domain email with the name of your company or website
  • Showing your brand in email helps you market your brand, creating customers trust
  • Create multiple email accounts for you and your team with your company name
  • Forward your emails to any other email address which is handy for your convenience

Reasons to choose business email services

You don’t want to see @gmail or @yahoo like thousands of others spamming inboxes. This is where the email service plays a major role in businesses of all sizes small or big. Thus, it’s a good idea to look towards a professional business email where your email looks like yourname@companyname.co.uk that shows you along with your company name.

Supports marketing of your business : A business email help in marketing your company name and gaining the trust of your business clients. It’s easy to remember a professional email address that includes your name representing you or your company name. Once you’ve got this, your website address syncs together with your email address, and you’ll send or receive messages on behalf of your company helping you further in marketing your brand name.

Attract customers : It makes life easier for your customers to attach your website activities in their minds whenever the emails you send out pop into their inbox—this means they’re going to trust you, hence reducing any chances to relegate your messages to the spam bin.

Get your website : You get 4 pages of basic website to represent your business globally with 10GB of space.Your website will be designed based on your business type with a professional look and feel including a homepage,about page,product/service page & contact page.


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Business Email



  • Up to five business email accounts

  • Free .com or .co.uk domain name

  • Secure SSL email accounts that keep your data and communications safe.

  • Provision to add more email accounts as you expand at very nominal charges.

  • User-friendly and easy access to PC, mobile, and Ipad

  • Free technical support and integration for email clients config.

  • Free 10GB+ Storage space

  • Unlimited Bandwidth for smooth access

  • Basic 4 pages website design with domain name & hosting

How it works?


  • Click on Buy Now
  • Provide the required information
  • Check out and pay
  • We will email you registration form
  • We prepare and file your application hosting server
  • You get your an email with your domain name and hosting details
  • Upon successful processing, we call and discuss to build your website design.

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At Formationhunt, you can avail of the best full company secretary service that includes a company secretary and a dedicated and efficient account manager who will take care of the entire statutory registers, make changes in the company as per your instructions and prepare and file company’s confirmation statement.

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    CEO, Currys

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Frequently Asked Questions

A registered email address is a vital communication tool for companies, facilitating efficient and secure correspondence with regulatory authorities and ensuring compliance with legal obligations.It is mandated that a company must maintain a registered email address while forming a company, which must always be valid and accessible by a person acting on behalf of the company. This ensures that important communications from regulatory authorities, such as Companies House or the Company house agents, can reach the appropriate individuals within the company. Failure to comply with this requirement can lead to serious consequences for both the company and its officers, emphasizing the importance of maintaining an appropriate registered email address at all times.

The purpose of the registered email address is to facilitate seamless communication between Companies House and the company after the company registration. It ensures the timely delivery of crucial information such as compliance updates, filing reminders, and late filing penalty notices. Unlike physical mail, using email enhances efficiency and expediency in correspondence.

An appropriate email address, as defined by the Companies Act 2006, is one through which communications sent by Companies House would reasonably reach someone acting on behalf of the company. It can be either a newly created address specifically for this purpose or an existing one, not necessarily linked to the company's domain.

Changing the registered email address of a company is a straightforward process facilitated through both our platform and the online services of Companies House. If you want to change it by our platform then you simply have to go to the “My Account” section and click on the “My Details” option and you will get to see the option to change the email address. It will ask you if you are sure to change the email address; if you click on yes, your email ID will simply get changed. If you go through the Company House portal, log into the Companies House online account, provide the necessary authentication code, and enter the new email address, the change can be swiftly executed.

The impact of this requirement extends to both new and existing companies. For new incorporations, providing a registered email address is now a mandatory step in the formation process. Existing companies must also comply by updating their information in the next confirmation statement filed after 5th March 2024.