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Please complete our online application form and make your payment. We will send you our welcome email and your service will start immediately.

Please send ID and address proof within 7 days of service commencement.

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We require your date of birth to carry out a digital ID check to fulfil our obligations under the Money Laundering Regulations 2007, the London Local Authorities Act 2007, and Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. You must be at least sixteen years old.

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Your email address for receiving statutory letters (Your statutory mails will be scanned and emailed to this id)

Popular Add-ons with registered office address

Using this popular service, you can protect the privacy of your home address while enhancing the corporate image of your new company. You can use this registered office address in all your business stationery and websites.

We will receive all your official statutory mails at our office. Statutory mail for the purposes of this service is mail received from HMRC or Companies House. We will open, scan and forward all official mail to the email address given during the application. This service is renewable on an yearly basis for a small
fee of £24.99+vat.

The use of our SW4 London address as your business correspondence address for your company. You can hide your home address from your suppliers, contractors, customers and marketing agencies. We will receive your business mails on your behalf.

We will open, scan and forward all your mails to the email address given during the application. If you wish to receive them by post, we will not open and scan your letters.

Instead we will forward the mails to your postal address for additional charge of 50p+postage per item. As a FREE service, we will
automatically eliminate mail that we deem to be junk mail and destroy it.

Price: £149.99 +VAT


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