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Limited Company

Your new company will usually be formed within 3 to 6 working hours; however, this timescale is subject to Companies House workload and it may take longer. If it is of great importance that your company is incorporated as soon as possible or on the same day, we always recommend you add the Guaranteed Same Day Service to your order.

Once your new company has been approved by Companies House, you can start trading immediately.

24-72 hrs. 24-48 hrs. 24 hrs. 3-6 hrs.

Digital Certificate Of Incorporation

Once your company is formed we email you copy of the Incoporation cerficate.

Digital Memorandum & Articles Of Association

Once your company is formed we email you copy of the Memorandum & Articles of Association.

Digital Share Certificate(s)

Once your company is formed we email you copy of the Share Certificate.

Online Company Manager

Our Online Company Manager provides you with an easy-to-use customer dashboard that offers access to all the areas of forming and managing your company 

  • Create a new company effortlessly
  • Update contact details
  • Purchase over 35 company products and services
  • Check and update payment options
  • View and renew your business and address services
  • Import a previously incorporated company
  • Check order history
  • View invoice history
  • Manage cards
  • View companies
  • Address mail

Company House Fee paid by us

We pay £12 companies house fee charged for a new Limited Company Incorporation.

Free Call Consultation

24/7 free call consultation available to discuss anything or everything related to your company as we love talking to you when it comes to creating something new.

Free High Street Business Banking

You can add and get 12months of free business banking from the list of banks available from our list.

Free .co.uk or .com domain name*

We provide you with 1yr. free domain name depending on the price and availability for your online presence for your website or email.

Free Registered office address service*

Protect the privacy of your home and enhance your corporate image with our prestigious London Registered Office Address, with all official government mail scanned and emailed to you, free of charge.

Free Directors Office address service*

Obtain a physical address to serve as the official registration address for your company directors and officials.

Printed Certificate Of Incorporation

Once your company is formed we send you a printed hard copy of Certificate of Incorporation through Royal mail post.

Printed Memorandum & Articles Of Association

Once your company is formed we send you a printed hard copy of Memorandum & Articles Of Association through Royal mail post.

Printed Share Certificate(s)

Once your company is formed we send you a printed hard copy of share certificate(s) through Royal mail post.

Free Pre-Submission Review

Our account experts will check your order for mistakes before submission to the Company House and let you if any corrections needed to be done to avoid rejections

Free Business mail forwarding address*

Establish a designated business address for receiving mail and parcels, elevating the professionalism of your enterprise.Benefit from the freedom to manage your business globally, while we conscientiously forward your mail to your chosen address

Free Business Number & Call Answering*

A regional telephone number provided as your business contact number with free 1month of call answering service to handle or your business related calls.

Free First Confirmation Statement filing

We help you file your cofirmation statement to keep your company up to date and compliant with the relevant regulations.

Free GDPR Compliance

We have compiled a set of legal compliance documents to make things easier for you and to save you money on legal fees.We created this legal document template to assist you in complying with English and EU laws, including the GDPR. It will also assist you in managing the legal risks of publishing a website.

Free Professional Email Address*

Get email account with your domain name.

Business Email Service*

Get upto 5 business email accounts with a free .co.uk or .com domain name with SSL with 10GB of free storage space and a basic company website for your business. 

VAT Registration

We povide your VAT registration number usually within 15days of application including all legal requirements with HRMC.

PAYE Registration

We help you to register Pay as you Earn (PAYE) for your or your employees with the HMRC on your behalf.You can process salaries for your staff and directions with ease.

Certificate Of Good Standing

This certificate confirms that your company or liability partnership has met all its statutory needs at the date of issue.

Corporate Hijack Protection

Saving you from all legal issues and keeping your company complaint each and every tools needed.

Logo Design*

The logo of a company can have a great impact on the market and capture potential customers’ attention. The logo is an integral part of the business identity and a reflection of the company. It is very interesting how every element of the design, such as color, font, and shape, expresses the personality of the business. Designing a custom logo helps people understand the brand’s value and personality.

Website Design*

Web designing is a very important part of every business and it has become a necessity. If you think that web designing and development is only for the big giants and not usual for small businesses then you must change your way of thinking because even if you have a very small business then also it’s required. It will not only give you access to global audiences but also make your unique identity in the world.

Form a Private Limited Company







All Inclusive


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  • Overall good experience starting from finding a company name, going through the company formation process step by step, getting all the documents handy at one place..loved it..


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  • Its been months now Formationshunt helps me through all my company related requirements making things much easier for me and my business.

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  • FormationsHunt made the process of setting up my company incredibly smooth and stress-free. Their user-friendly platform made it easy to navigate, and the support team was exceptional in providing gui... Read More

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Frequently Asked Questions

You will need a limited company to protect yourself and your personal assets from business-related debts. There are numerous benefits of using limited companies for your trading activities, but one of the most important is debt protection..

Your company can begin trading as soon as you receive an email containing your Certificate of Incorporation. It can immediately enter into contracts, make sales, hire workers, and purchase goods and services. Even though it does not yet have a bank account, it has full legal capacity.

A company limited by share: This can be formed by a single individual who serves as the sole shareholder and director. Or by a large number of shareholders with a large number of directors. They are the most common company trading structure in the UK. Partnerships with a limited liability(LLP) : Generally fromed by formed by Professional organisations such as accountants, engineers, and solicitors. Companies Limited by Guarantee : Mostly formed by Non -profit organisations such as clubs, associations, charities, and social enterprises.Instead of shareholders, they have guarantors who guarantee a small sum. A limited by guarantee company can be formed with only one guarantor and director. Public limited company(PLC) : It’s for those who wish to set up a public limited company and require atleast two directors to form PLC,the PLC package offers a range of services that helps in the easy formation of your company at an affordable rate. Eseller : Its perfect for those who wants to establish an eCommerce company willing to sell products or services through their e-platform. This is ideal for those willing to establish and sell through their eCommerce websites.

Yes you can,please choose our Non-resident package to form your company in the UK without hesitation.You dont have be a resident of the UK to form your company.However you do need to have a UK registered office,please check our Registered Office Service under Address Services. What information is required to set up a company? Your limited company formation can be processed in minutes in few simple steps with little information.You need to choose a name for your company through our company name checker,a registered company address,director details,shareholders details,secretary details and person with the significant control(PSC)details.

It is a legal requirement for all the company formation agents,including us,to verify your proof of identification and address.Over 90% of our customers automatically pass our digital ID checks and those who don’t,can go to SmartSearch or Credas app and check for more information.

There is no legal obligation to have a business bank account but its quite tough to trade without a bank account,if you want to run your daily buisness transactions you must have a buisness bank account to be in shape.We get you a free buisness bank account with every limited company you form as per your business needs.

As a company formation agent we guide through different processess to form a company which best suits your requirements.We assist you,starting from choosing a name for your company,getting it approved through the company house once selected with full secretarial support and a free business bank account.Not only that,we get you all the necessary tools and support for your business to remain complaint so that you to walk through the ladder of success.At Formationshunt our customer support team works with a motive and mission of being good for good and for a good reason.We are available 24hrs. to provide you with email and telephone support all your lifetime.We also provide you with our free company online manager where you get full range of services and access to all your company details from one place.

Most people get confused while forming a new company and dont know what choices to make,where to fill what and make mistakes.It further leads to companies getting declined or rejected from the company house. But you dont need to worry.Once your company is formed, all the errors you made can be corrected, and in most cases, doing so won’t cost you much. We advise you to purchase our pre-submission review service for £4.99 and save yourself from the risk of making mistakes while ordering or facing rejections. By doing this, you remain confident that before your company application is sent to Companies House, one of our professionals will evaluate all the details and gets all verified before submission.

Yes,you can upgrade by adding each of the services you need seperately from your company manager portal at an extra.However,you miss the discounted rates for expensive items listed under a package.

Follow our 4 simple steps under the Homepage section ‘We make company formation easy.’ Its completely online,requires no paperwork or signatures, and you can have your company papers in your possession in next 24 hours.

Through our website, you can simply register a limited company or LLP for as little as £12.99 + VAT, saving you between £200 and £300 in attorney or accountant fees.

It’s mandatory for a company to provide with atleast two official addresses during company registration process for public record: a registered office address and a director’s service address.Most people prefer not to use their home address in order to maintain their privacy. In that case we suggest you to check our privacy,professional,prestige or all inclusive packages.You can also add address services seperately from your company manager portal at a little extra cost.

This is the most common and popular type of company formation which is designed to share and generate profits.But at the same time provides protection to those who owns them(shareholders) and to those as well who runs them(directors).Limited Companies are the most common among investors, banks, suppliers, and customers,used to protect a company name.You can start a limited company with only £1 as capital investment.This package covers online company formation at a minimal rate with your company documents sent over digitally.

A limited company requires one shareholder and atleast one director or both can be the same person. One can form a limited company with only £1 capital and atlast 1 share of £1 needs to be issued.The best part is you just need only £1 as capital investment to start a business with a limited company. When a group of companies is formed, other firms can also serve as shareholders and directors of limited organization.It needs atleast one natural person to serve as a director of a limited company. A company’s shareholders are its co-owners.The number of shares owned by each shareholder represents his or her stake in a company. A company can have an unlimited number of shareholders. Directors manage a company’s operations and are accountable to its shareholders. Small businesses, in particular, have shareholders who are also directors.

Every company that registers with the companies house is required to have a physical address in the country where they do business.The registered office is the company’s official address and all official communications will be sent to that address.Official communications means the communications released by HMRC (the UK Tax Authority),Companies House,and UK Courts of Law.The Registered Office must be a physical address where documents can be served on the directors. In the event of court proceedings, the documents will be received and brought to the attention of the intended recipient. As a result, it cannot be a PO Box unless it is part of a complete address, which includes a street address and a postcode.

Go to our online company manager section,check the services showing expired to renew.In this package you need to renew the services like registered office address and domain after a year.Call answering and phone number services needs renewal after a month.

You can simply add VAT registration from our services menu while buying this package.If your company’s taxable turnver exceeds £85,000 in a year you must register for VAT.You need to report the amount of output and input taxes to HRMC with VAT return filing software online,usually completed every quarter.

No not unless your company turnover is expected to exceed £85000 in a year.There is a standard rate of 20% for most of the products and services.With registration you get a VAT number with certificate from HMRC and first VAT return due date.

This package offers you with a free UK phone number for 1month where we provide you with a regional phone number for your buisness to divert all the calls at your desired phone number for you to attend with ease. We also offer you 1 month of free call answering services with this package where you a professional receptionist assigned for your organisation to handle business calls from Mon-Fri between 8.30am-5.30pm.All the calls will be asnwered by the receptionist in your company name as per your instructions.Your receptionist will transfer the incoming calls and let you know about them or she can take a message and send it to you through email within 10minutes of the call.After a month you can renew the services further if you like.

The confirmation provides accurate and up-to-date information about the company such as company’s registered address,directors,shares,and persons who posses significant control.With this package we collect few information from you and file the CS01 form with the company house free of cost for the 1st year.

We have compiled a set of legal compliance documents to make things easier for you and to save you money on legal fees.We created this legal document template to assist you in complying with English and EU laws, including the GDPR. It will also assist you in managing the legal risks of publishing a website, negotiating and entering into contracts, dealing with intellectual property rights, and so on.You must comply with government regulations, legal policies, and the GDPR. If you violate GDPR, you could face a fine of up to £15 million.

If you are planning to take a salary yourself, or want to pay an employee whose salary is more than £675/month and in the next 4 weeks, you’ll have to register as an employer with HMRC. Once you register as an employer, you can set up a payroll system to make tax and National Insurance payments to HMRC yourself.We submit your application securely, after which HMRC sends the entire information pack with PAYE reference and accounts office reference within 5-7 working days.