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Why Are Company Formations Rejected By Companies House?


Registering a company in the UK is quite a cumbersome process for those who are unsure of the process. Business registration in the UK requires dealing with Companies House UK and following quite a rigid procedure for setting up one’s company.

There can arise some situations where Companies House UK rejects a particular application for business registration. In today’s blog, we give you a few situations where Companies House may squash your proposal. Let’s take a look at the details!

Situations Where Companies House May Reject Company Formation Proposals

  • Mistakes in Authentication

When you are doing the authentication process, you may be required to answer a few security questions. Typically, people who do not prepare for this step make mistakes with the authentication process and end up getting their application rejected.

A security process is essential in this regard, so be careful of how you answer your 3 security questions. To extend this idea further, there may be errors in the whole application process, that’s why reach out to a venture like Formationshunt which will assist you with filling up a correct form the first time around.

  • Similar Name to An Existing Company

There can arise a case where the name of the company being registered for the first time is similar to an existing company name. In that case, you will need to redo the entire application process.

Moreover, Companies House does not tolerate sensitive or offensive names. To choose a proper company name, you will doubtless require some assistance from Formations Hunt.

  • Valid Office Address

Finally, you will have to provide a valid office address. For example, if you are registering your company in Scotland, you will need a valid office address in Scotland, and not in England or in Wales.


To avoid common mistakes and any errors in the registration process, you can get in touch with Formations Hunt, a venture involved with business registration in the UK.

We can help you with the entire registration process from start to finish! Reach out to avail of our services today.

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