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Change Your Existing Company Name in the UK


Sometimes the existing name of the company is not relevant or a hit among the public.

Moreover, it could be the case that the company’s name needs to be changed for branding purposes after incorporation or if it has been acquired by another company. Here’s where the need to change an existing company name in the UK comes in.

Formationshunt offers limited company formation packages and among these services, it also offers the provision to change your company’s name.

Changing your existing company name can be quite a tedious process if you opt to do it yourself. However, with Formationshunt you can get the work done within 24-72 hours.

So, let’s find out how you can change your existing company name in the UK.

How To Change the Existing Company Name?

As mentioned above, if you have chosen the wrong name for your company, you can certainly rectify it. Apply for our name change services and we will help you undertake the same for a small fee.

Furthermore, you can also perform this task yourself by choosing to fill in the NM01 form. If you leave the task with us, we will prepare and file the NM01, we will also make the minutes, resolution, and digital copy of the name change certificate.

Things To Consider if You Are Changing the Existing Company Name

So, now that you’ve decided to go ahead and change the company name, you will not get a new certificate of incorporation. Instead, you will get a certificate of incorporation on change of name.

The old name will remain on the record of Companies House under the “Previous company names” field. You can also choose to give us the task of helping you with filing the company name for the first time, to prevent any mistakes.

Limited Company Formation Packages


If you have not completed the company formation process, you still have time! We offer limited company formation packages that you can avail of and choose to use.

In conclusion, we would like to mention that there isn’t any reason to fret if you are seeking a name change for your company. Just reach out to us and we will take care of the needful!

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