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How To Ensure Your Company Is GDPR Compliant?


GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. It means that the data collected by a business should be handled in a certain way. It outlines certain rules organizations must follow limiting how personal data is utilized.

When you are ready for company formation London, you must ensure that you are GDPR compliant. One way to ensure that your business process is compliant with this law is to opt for services from Formationshunt. We offer a straightforward and direct service wherein you can ensure that every aspect of your business is compliant with GDPR rules. Failure to comply with GDPR could result in a fine of £ 15 million.

In today’s blog, we look at how you can ensure your company complies with GDPR rules and regulations.

Your whole organisation has to be GDPR compliant

Every aspect of your organisation should be GDPR compliant not just the cookies in your website. There are different levels of personnel like HR, IT, marketing, and security which interact with user data and should be aware of GDPR. They need to know what the law says about it and how they should be compliant with it.

Have a strong privacy policy

The privacy policy is the first place people will look to check GDPR compliance. This is one document you need to draw up with due legal process and care. Moreover, your privacy policy should not be legalese. It should be easy to understand and completely understandable. Drafting a strong privacy policy is essential to show that you are GDPR compliant.

Have a plan for data breaches

A data breach can happen to any organisation. You need to be vigilant and detect, report, or investigate data breaches when they do take place. Reporting to the right authority quickly is very important as well. Have a data breach reporting method in hand to avoid legal hassles later on.


Formationshunt provides you with a legal document template to help you to manage GDPR compliance. We are committed to helping you maintain and respect the privacy of your clients’ data to the best of your ability.

Being GDPR compliant boosts trust if you are looking at company formation in London. It is something all businesses should take seriously especially if they are dealing with clients’ personal data.

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