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What Is a Confirmation Statement And Why Is It Necessary To File?


It is imperative to update Companies House about your business every year about your business. To ensure that all the records are straight and accurate, it is necessary to file a confirmation statement. This is a replacement of the Annual Return which used to be filed earlier.

The rule is that all limited companies and LLPs are required to file a confirmation statement once a year at the very least. Other company types such as sole proprietors and other partnerships are not mandated to submit these documents.

Even if the details of your company are the same, you still have to file a confirmation statement. So reach out to us for UK company formations to file this important document.

What Information is On A Confirmation Statement?

The information required from a confirmation statement is as follows:

  • Business Address
  • List of Directors
  • SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) code
  • Shareholders
  • Persons with Significant Control

By When Do You Need To File A Confirmation Statement?

You need to file your confirmation statement within the review period. For a new company, the review period starts on the day of incorporation. For other companies, it starts when you last filed the confirmation statement. Typically, you should receive an email statement.

By not filing the statement you may incur penalties like a fine or having your company struck off the register.

How To File A Confirmation Statement?

You can file a confirmation statement online or through paper. The form is CS01 and it is quite complicated to fill up. You may need the help of an external agency to help you file the confirmation statement. We are one such company that can help you with this task. Otherwise, you may fill out the confirmation statement online.


In conclusion, a UK company formations venture like ours can certainly help you to keep your confirmation statement records ready and easily filed. Previously, there used to be an annual return. However, now that has been replaced with the confirmation statement.

In a confirmation statement, the persons with significant control need to be mentioned. PSCs who own at least 25% of the business. Hence, keeping all this in mind it makes sense to apply to a venture like ours to manage and file your confirmation statement.

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